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RE[2]: Evil ...
by umccullough on Sun 6th Apr 2008 05:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Evil ..."
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The comparison of the OS that a user chooses to use vs. a sports team they choose to side with is quite a bit different IMO.

One of them is a tool you use - the other is mostly just for entertainment.

I don't know about you - but I like to use tools that work the way I want them to.

It's like picking a brand name for a product you purchase - given equal cost, you're going to pick the one that has a history of working better, and being of higher quality.

If someone tells you that brand is crap and makes horrible products, and you know better, you're likely going to say something.

I don't see how that's "identifying" with a product for the sake of it.

It would seem that what you're basically trying to say is that all OSes are created equal, no one can possibly be better than another in any way. Anyone who claims otherwise must just be so obsessed with their favorite OS that they don't know any better.

I'll admit, there's a certain amount of fanboism that occurs, and the statements and falsities that these people make can be ridiculous - but there are definitely real reasons why each OS is unique and different, and probably better than others in their own way. Chances are, these same people really did choose their current OS of choice for a good reason - they just can't seem to express it in an intelligent, convincing way that others can comprehend ;)

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