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Windows Ars analyses the concept of a modular Windows, and concludes: "Modularization - and the discriminatory pricing it permits - might appeal to accountants and economists. But it is bad for consumers, bad for Windows, and ultimately, bad for Microsoft. A modularized Windows, or worse still, a modularized subscription-based Windows, undermines the purpose and value of the Windows OS. If it comes to pass it will surely sound the death knell of the entire Windows platform."
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And the most popular version is...
by uteck on Sun 6th Apr 2008 12:32 UTC
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Windows Game. The stripped down version for gaming. But the Xbox group will never let this get off the ground as it would directly compete with them.
From what I hear about the infighting between various departments inside MS, I doubt they would let a potential successor arise. With a dedicated gaming version you could run an emulator for your old Xbox games and not have the expense of the hardware development that a consul has. And considering the poor quality of the Xbox hardware and the sizable cost of development and production, this could cause a dramatic shift in funding.

So, modular Windows sounds good, but I think internal politics at MS will ensure it does not work.

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Windows Game. The stripped down version for gaming.

You read my mind perfectly. As far as I'm concerned, I can do the majority of my "work" on Linux. To me, Windows has become nothing more than a glorified gaming platform. I'd gladly take a version of Windows for gaming - why bother with all that stupid eye candy when you aren't going to be seeing it for more time than it takes for Spore or Crysis to load?

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