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.NET (dotGNU too) Igor Moochnick announced Pash, an open source implementation of Microsoft's PowerShell. "The main goal is to provide a rich shell environment for other operating systems as well as to provide a hostable scripting engine for rich applications. The user experience should be seamless for people who are used to Windows version of PowerShell. The scrips, cmdlets and providers should runs AS-IS (if they are not using Windows-specific functionality). The rich applications that host PowerShell should run on any other operating system AS-IS. Secondary goal: the scripts should run across the machines and different OS's seamlesly (but following all the security guidelines)."
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I think "alternatives" to Microsoft stuff are not interesting enough, devs like Miguel de Icaza got in love with the guys of Redmond but I don't see what's so good there except the money.

C# is one of the more elegant languages out there nowadays, when it comes to syntax it easily goes head to head with stuff like ruby and python, while rolling with a fast interpreter and one of the best APIs I have ever worked with.

The reason guys like miguel try to port it is that the closest thing linux has to something like it is java, and java is falling further and further behind as the years go by. Most serious linux development is done in either C, which was a great language, but at this point is kind of dated, and C++, which has always sort of been a mess.

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