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Microsoft "Microsoft will make available the preliminary versions of technical documentation for the protocols built into Microsoft Office 2007, SharePoint Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2007. This documentation, which defines how these high-volume Microsoft products communicate with some of its other products, is 14000 pages and is in addition to the 30000 pages posted when the software giant first introduced its new Interoperability Principles last month. They will be made available April 8."
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I know what will happen...
by obsidian on Wed 9th Apr 2008 02:24 UTC
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MS have released these "Office 2007" protocols.

That will get a group of OSS coders frantically coding away, using these protocols.

In 2009, MS will change the protocols.
OSS coders start coding for Office 2009.

In 2011, MS change the protocols again.
OSS coders start coding for Office 2011.
Treadmill time....

The only way to get off the treadmill is for so many businesses and individuals to use (say) or Gnumeric/Abiword that MS (and their ever-changing formats and protocols) become irrelevant.

Unfortunately, that's unlikely to happen for a long, long time.

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