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Microsoft "Microsoft will make available the preliminary versions of technical documentation for the protocols built into Microsoft Office 2007, SharePoint Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2007. This documentation, which defines how these high-volume Microsoft products communicate with some of its other products, is 14000 pages and is in addition to the 30000 pages posted when the software giant first introduced its new Interoperability Principles last month. They will be made available April 8."
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14000 pages!?!?!
by looncraz on Wed 9th Apr 2008 16:29 UTC
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How in hades can describing an application's network communications 'protocol' require 140000 pages?!?

I mean, seriously. There are only so many things that can occur that requires network communication in Office 07.

I can see 1000 pages pretty easy, to cover several components of the office suite ( Outlook, Calendar, etc... ). Then again From what I have seen of how Microsoft creates it software, it is likely because stupid little rules to prevent interoperability are in play.

Things such as every X communication switch endian-ness, invert ASCII meanings, or perhaps they have simply decided to make the docs convoluted and Office 07 wasn't geared at preventing interoperability at all ( Yeah, RIGHT, though possible given what has been going on, I'd like to see them do this for Office 97 :-) ).

Oh well, I guess I'll grab it and see what is going on in there.

--The loon
(BTW, I'd bet that the 14,000 pages is more lines of text than there are lines of code to make it all happen, making the code itself what should have really been released... unless all that networking code had been wide-spread through Office 07 or they were worried about security flaws.)

EDITED to correct saying 97 to 07.

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