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Multimedia, AV Lennart Poettering from Red Hat who develops and maintains PulseAudio has written a detailed explanation about the underlying technical improvements in the upcoming version of PulseAudio. "A while ago I started development of special branch of PulseAudio which is called glitch-free. In a few days I will merge it back to PulseAudio trunk, and eventually release it as 0.9.11. I think it's time to explain a little what all this 'glitch-freeness' is about, what made it so tricky to implement, and why this is totally awesome technology."
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I killed PA too
by MightyPenguin on Wed 9th Apr 2008 20:30 UTC
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Using Fedora 8 and I had to kill PA as well. Still it does seem like a good idea to me once they get it stable, it is still relatively new after all.

I finally got my Creative X-Fi working on Linux with the OSS v4 drivers (which seem to use a similar design in some ways, userland daemon I believe). And I couldn't be happier with it. Steam apps work great again (using ALSA gave me nothing, or worse, crashes). So if this is where PA is headed, I'm all for it.

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