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In the News One in five Nature readers -- mostly scientists -- say they up their mental performance with drugs such as Ritalin, Provigil, and Inderal. [...] when asked how they felt about professional thinkers using drugs to enhance their cognitive performance, nearly 80% said it should be allowed. While this report reaches a different part of science, the usage of these drugs can be utilized by software developers alike. What is your opinion on this, somewhat new, development?
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My Formula
by SilentStorm on Fri 11th Apr 2008 11:21 UTC
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I've been diagnosed with ADHD during high school and used ritalin for 6 months. It helped me to get myself in one piece mentally and to concentrate but I hated the side-effect of disabling parallel-thinking in my brain. On the positive side, I learned how to concentrate after I gave up ritalin.

Duiring later years, I've searched how to concentrate better without any chemicals and I found a way which I can apply to myself and it actually works. Here's the recipe (Disclaimer: This may not work on everybody)

1- Find your favorite music and try to listen it while wroking. If you can work while listening music, this is a big plus. This removes you from the environment and leaves you on your own. Also music acts a external pacemaker for my brain so may do the same for you. So you can work with a uniform speed.

2- It's very hard but, strenghten yourself mentally. Put your life to a balance. Remove as many overheads as possible. Take problematic people OUT of your life, by any means necessary. If you can't, isolate them. Isolate problems too. Develop sustainable solutions. They may be instantenous or span over months not a problem. Solve these problems and prevent them from reoccuring. This will make you happy and relaxed.

3- Sleep 6 to 7 hours (or your body's acceptable minimum), eat well and light (not in terms of calories or such but in terms of digiestion). Do not overeat and stress your stomach. This will prevent slowdowns or aftermeal sleepy situtations. If your body accepts and you don't have time in the morning, skip breakfast for workdays (I drink 1 big glass of choclate milk every morning for 15 years). Please note that eating light not means a strict diet but balanced eating habits.

4- Walk for transportation or nothing if you can... Walking cleares mind, makes your muscles work and relaxes you.

5- Consume lots of liquid. I prefer tea. I drink 48-72oz of tea everyday just in work.

6- Leave some time for yourself. Do whatever you want during that time. Get a hobby if you can. I'm also an amateur photographer ( )

7- I didn't mentioned alcohol. Of course consume some, but not excessive amounts regularly. ;)

This is my formula. All neutral, free from drugs, measuring cups, other chemicals and such. It may work or may not work for you. The only difference of my formula is that: my formula doesn't augment body chemistry but forces whole metabolism to evolve, adapt and grow stronger. The only downside: This formula doesn't make you work 30hrs a day / 8 days a week and doesn't consume your life.

Your life is more important than everything else. Respeoct yourself. Don't consume it for the sake of the company.

(Yes I'm a programmer too.)

P.S: Also don't forget: "Don't fight with your metabolism. Your metabolism will beat you to death to get itself right if it requires to do so".

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RE: My Formula
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