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Features, Office Screenshots of Office 12 have been published. You'll be amazed (for better or worse, your call). "As you can see, Microsoft is trying to do away with the 'legacy' menu bar. In newer Vista builds the menu bar is turned off by default (although it can be reactivated temporarily by pressing alt). In Office 12, the menus have been replaced with tab-like buttons. The only 'legacy' menu item that remains is the file menu, but it has completely been redesigned. The file menu now looks like the Windows XP start menu and can be customized as well." You can find more information and shots on Microsoft's website.
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RE: Me likes
by kaiwai on Wed 14th Sep 2005 10:26 UTC in reply to "Me likes"
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I really like this new approach by Microsoft-- it shows that they're really putting work into Office/Vista, which is a good thing no matter what. I'm still not sure though fi I were to like this new interface over Office:Mac's incredible slick and easy-to-use UI, but it sure does come close.

Disclaimer: I use Office:Mac, but obviously haven't used Office12-- we'll have to wait and see how this UI turns out behaviourally.

Office:Mac, IMHO, is a great interface; they've done heaps of work, and believe me, if it weren't for the lack of Access or decenting marketing by 4D (which IMHO beats Access hands down), and a Project like piece of software, every man and his dog, in regards to the IT department would move to Apple Macs.

What SUN need to do, in regards to (yeah, I know, incredibly off topic) - is heaps of work on the API as to allow ISVs and developers to build value added services and products ontop of the infrastructure; a better documented Macro language would be a step in the right direction, free retraining for Microsoft Certified Engineers - hell, give them some free books after the course; get the masses of developers out there educated so that the cost of customising, installing and maintaining is lower than Office - then you'll see people moving.

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