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Red Hat "The Fedora Project attracts a lot of interest from the Linux faithful. While there are perhaps more newbie-friendly, corporate-friendly, or special-interest-focused distributions, Fedora continues to wear the innovation hat. Fedora announced Fedora 9 Beta late last month, and Test Center reviewers replaced the current Fedora 8 install to see what the new version has to offer. Since Fedora 9 (Stirling) is still in beta, occasional bugs and some rough edges were inevitable. But there is a solid indication of the new things to come that makes the stable release, expected May 1, worth watching."
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Fedora 9 Beta
by kjwaugh on Sat 12th Apr 2008 20:38 UTC
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I liked it but I found a few bugs that were too persistent - I couldn't work around them - but it was looking good. I tried the KDE 4 version with the latest KDE packages nicely rolling in through yum. One problem I found was that repos were actually hard to find and enable sucessfully. I activated the Livna Development one and also the Adobe Flash one, and of course the Rawhide and KDE4 ones as well - but Atrpms and the Fedora 8.92 repos wouldn't get along - it's a typical story I guess. I had video working, I swear, but after one update it was killed permanently. I got pretty tired of the silly Login screen of KDM (KDE3) that you are forced to use. I must say that I liked the bleeding edge for a while but I came back to earth finally and reverted back to my usual Distro (openSuse) after I realized that I needed to get some work done. I will try it again probably after it is released.

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