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Hardware, Embedded Systems Every now and then, a computer comes along that makes a mark, that sets a trend, or that simply stuns you - but not because of its internals, its processor or its software, but because of its appearance. Through the history of computing, there have been a number of computers that were actually designed to appeal not just because of raw technology alone, but also because of stunning looks. Read on for a countdown of my ten most beautiful computers.
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The IBM PS/2's beauty was under the skin.
by Sabon on Mon 14th Apr 2008 21:09 UTC
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Proprietary is not good. But I did like the IBM PS/2 for one thing. When you installed an accessory card, it DID plug and play.

Unlike non PS/2 PCs which sometimes plug and played but usually it was "Plug and Pray" (anyone else remember that?), each different accessory card that you could plug into a PS/2 had a card type number specific to that brand and model of card. So when you plugged it into the computer and the computer asked for its number, the computer knew what settings to use with it.

For those of us that always seemed to be in understaffed IT support departments (there were four of us that did everything including programming large programs and hardware support for 300 people) it saved us a lot of time and they crashed a lot less because there were less hardware and software conflicts.

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