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Red Hat Back in September 2003, when Red Hat discontinued its home-oriented Red Hat Linux desktop and offloaded that market to the community-driven but Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project, many people were left wondering if Red Hat would ever again offer a product aimed at home desktops. We have the answer now.
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yes that means iwork apps aren't even compatible with themselves. You can't embed a Numbers spreadsheet into a Pages document like you can with Excel and Word.
There is a solution for other mac apps but not Apple's for some reason. See

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Back in the Be days, *it* didn't have OLE embedding (or whatever you call it), either, but you could still embed a spreadsheet inside a text document, and vice verca. There are plenty of other ways to do it.

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Gobe productive comes to mind. But then you are locked into it and can't integrate with other apps that do other things.

Look, the linkback technology is certainly available for mac but Apple chose not to use it here.

What I would like to see is a system of shared datatypes and linking. You'd have a spreadsheet embedded in your document. It is in the ABC format and there is a datatype for it. It was created with Zenware Sheet but you'd rather use Taotech Sheet which can also use the ABC format since it is a shared datatype.

This way you don't need an all in one suite, you can mix and match apps and everything is still integrated.

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