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Linux "Recently, both Novell and Red Hat went on record as dismissing the idea that the consumer Linux desktop is going to be taking off anytime soon. It's not? Has anyone told Asus and Xandros? Everex and gOS? How about Dell and Ubuntu? They're all doing great with consumer Linux desktops." The enterprise Linux leaders are not the ones making strides on the desktop. Does that mean that the Linux desktop has no future, or just that they've let their business focus let them drop the ball on that segment of the market?
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Drop from Ubuntu all the good work done by Red Hat and Novell. Have a nice day with this really Ubuntu-only distro.

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So now all the other distros that are popular than SUSE and Fedora have to somehow bow down to the fact that they have done all the work?

Thats getting rather boring now, it's called sharing and it's the spirit of opensource and Linux. They've been around longer, just wait until Ubuntu their own projects and having them put into upsteam, upstart is a start and there's alot more to come.

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Drop from Ubuntu all the good work done by Red Hat and Novell.

Or drop from Ubuntu all the good work done by Debian and see where it is ;)

But that's the nature of open source isn't it? Others may have been responsible for nearly everything in Ubuntu but if Ubuntu are the ones who polish it up (and accompany it with good marketing) good for them. As long as the donors (fedora, suse, debian) survive with less attention on the desktop, great. Everyone benefits. If anyone wants to try to duplicate Ubuntu's polish and marketing savvy, they are welcome to try and then the shoe would be on the other foot.

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