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OSNews, Generic OSes Regular OSNews readers will notice we've had a drop-off in original articles over the past year or so. That's something we'd like to change. We'd like to encourage OSNews readers to submit articles by staging a contest wherein the best articles will be judged by OSNews staff and readers, and the winners will receive valuable prizes. All submitted articles that meet our submission guidelines will be published at OSNews. In addition to wanting articles to publish, this is also a talent search of sorts. We're hoping to identify talented OSNews readers to fill the ranks as editors and regular contributors. If you think you have the skills and desire to be a part of OSNews, please enter the contest, or just contact us. Read more for details on the contest.
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Can't expect us to cater to stupidity.

I was thinking more along the lines of factoring this particular information out to a separate page that we can just link to when the topic comes up again. And you know that it will... repeatedly.

That said, I'm not sure I'd call it stupidity, out of hand.

Are you saying that the money from advertising and subscriptions exactly balances the expenses? If so, that's quite remarkable. I'd have thought that they wouldn't happen to be exactly equal. If you guys are supplementing OSNews out of your own pockets, step forward and receive due credit. If OSNews has a positive cashflow and staff are getting compensated for their work, be honest about it. Otherwise, it just makes it appear that you have something to hide. A simple periodic statement would avoid that whole issue.

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I don't see why the state of the OSNews books should be public knowledge? They are after all a privately held organization and their financial status should be their own business.

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I did not say that they *should* be. I said that it might save some repetitive efforts by staff in the long run to simply publish the facts from time to time. Thom has repeatedly had to come out and say that OSNews is an entirely volunteer effort and that no one gets paid. So it certainly does not sound like it would involve publishing sensitive information.

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>If OSNews has a positive cashflow and staff are getting
>compensated for their work, be honest about it.

We have been honest about it since 2001: NO editor on OSNews was ever on a payroll. But there is a pricey server/hosting and an administrator who gets compensated to keep everything up and running.

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...when the topic comes up again. And you know that it will... repeatedly.

True - there are plenty of people here who treat their own uninformed assumptions as sacrosanct, but that doesn't give anyone else an obligation to disabuse people of those assumptions.

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