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Oracle and SUN When it comes to dealing with storage, Solaris 10 provides admins with more choices than any other operating system. Right out of the box, it offers two filesystems, two volume managers, an iscsi target and initiator, and, naturally, an NFS server. Add a couple of Sun packages and you have volume replication, a cluster filesystem, and a hierarchical storage manager. Trust your data to the still-in-development features found in OpenSolaris, and you can have a fibre channel target and an in-kernel CIFS server, among other things. True, some of these features can be found in any enterprise-ready UNIX OS. But Solaris 10 integrates all of them into one well-tested package. Editor's note: This is the first of our published submissions for the 2008 Article Contest.
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Note to future contestants
by sbergman27 on Mon 21st Apr 2008 20:10 UTC
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ZFS has gotten a lot of hype. It has also gotten some derision from Linux folks who are accustomed to getting that hype themselves.

It would be advisable to stay on topic and edit out any snipey and unprofessional off-topic asides like the above quoted material. This article is supposed to be about "Solaris Filesystem Choices". Please talk about Solaris filesystems.

Aside from some understandable concerns about layering, I think most "Linux folks" recognize that ZFS has some undeniable strengths.

I hope that this Article Contest does not turn into a convenient platform from which authors feel they can hurl potshots at others.

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RE: Note to future contestants
by jwwf on Mon 21st Apr 2008 21:05 in reply to "Note to future contestants"
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Both of those quoted sentences are factual, and I think it's important to understand that technology and politics are never isolated subjects.

However, I understand the spirit of your sentiment. In my defense, I wrote the article both to educate and to entertain. If a person just wants to know about Solaris filesystems, the Sun docs are way better than anything I might write.

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anomie Member since:

Both of those quoted sentences are factual...

Let's not confuse facts with speculation.

You wrote: "It has also gotten some derision from Linux folks who are accustomed to getting that hype themselves."

In interpretive writing, you can establish that "[ZFS] has gotten some derision from Linux folks" by providing citations (which you did not provide, actually).

But appending "... who are accustomed to getting that hype themselves" is tacky and presumptuous. Do you have references to demonstrate that Linux advocates deride ZFS specifically because they are not "getting hype"? If not, this is pure speculation on your part. So don't pretend it is fact.

Moreover, referring to "Linux folks" in this context is to make a blanket generalization.

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