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General Development Ars' Peter Bright wrote an article today entitled "From Win32 to Cocoa: a Windows user's conversion to Mac OS X", in which he explains why he believes "Windows is dying, Windows applications suck, and Microsoft is too blinkered to fix any of it". These are rather harsh words, but there is a definitive element of truth in it. The article is part one in a three-part series.
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Agreed.. Win apps suck...
by obsidian on Tue 22nd Apr 2008 06:20 UTC
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I've just had a couple of eye operations which have meant that I need to be able to increase font-size in various apps.

I use FreeBSD 7.0 at home (with KDE 3.5.8) - changing font-size is a piece of cake. At work, with Win2K and the various apps on it, it's another story.

Go into the Control Centre screen in Windows and there is a Font icon. Click that, and it simply gives you a **list of fonts**. Does it allow you to ADJUST the font-size? Ohhhhh, no.... Far too obvious for the Microdroids....

Windows itself has an utterly frustrating app called "magnifier" which magnifies *part* of the screen. Cutting a long story short, it is useless. It actually says that "this app provides minimum functionality blah blah blah". Uhh, Ballmer, it doesn't even provide *that* and is a dog to use.

Then there's I.E. Enough said.....

The one app that I did manage to get the font-size increased in was Outlook email (after calling over the tech just across from me and having him dig into the depths of Outlook's settings).

Now, I'm not without knowledge. I've gone to FreeBSD after about 6 years on Linux. I can do stuff like set up net access for darned-near any Linux distro from the command-line. FreeBSD holds no fears for me, but the way that Windows does its font-setting (when the app even ALLOWS it, that is) makes me want to join a monastery....


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About the fonts, you where looking in the wrong place. The font icon where you add and remove fonts, not change the UI font size. That is done in an appearance dialog. I'm not on Windows now but I think it is called Display in the control panel. There you can also change the font DPI.

How well both of those methods work depends on the application. When you program an application you have the choice if you want to use the system ui font or not. As it should be. And of course, email fonts and such should not be the same as the ui font so you should be able to set those in the application.

Complaining about OE's numerous settings seems a little odd coming from someone who uses FreeBSD and KDE...

Sure, the magnifier app may be crap, never used it.

What have Internet Explorer have to do with this? Making the fonts larger in IE is quite easy.

Then about your knowledge. I'm sure you have used Linux for many, many years and know the command line in and out but you seem to know nothing about Windows and instead of learning the basics, you bitch on OSNews.

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RE: Agreed.. Win apps suck...
by rockwell on Tue 22nd Apr 2008 21:51 in reply to "Agreed.. Win apps suck... "
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//At work, with Win2K// Hello, 8-year-old OS? Upgrade, chum.

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