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General Development Ars' Peter Bright wrote an article today entitled "From Win32 to Cocoa: a Windows user's conversion to Mac OS X", in which he explains why he believes "Windows is dying, Windows applications suck, and Microsoft is too blinkered to fix any of it". These are rather harsh words, but there is a definitive element of truth in it. The article is part one in a three-part series.
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RE: Java isn't the best option
by joshv on Tue 22nd Apr 2008 14:37 UTC in reply to "Java isn't the best option"
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"Java isn't the best option."


Depending on what you are loading the memory it consumes on the Wind platform it can cripple traffic over a network.

Java app memory usage can cripple network traffic? Do tell.

Java based bittorrent clients might have this affect (Azureus is an example) but bittorrent clients are designed to saturate your available bandwidth.

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