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Apple Yesterday (well, CET in any case), Apple posted its financial results for the second quarter of the 2008 fiscal year (which ended 29 March). While sales of Macintosh laptops and desktops soared to ever greater heights, and while sales of the iPod consolidated itself, the news is not so good for the iPhone. And the dodo will have an Apple TV to play with, soon.
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RE[4]: iPhone
by Glynser on Thu 24th Apr 2008 14:02 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: iPhone"
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Yes - they started a revolution, and as I said, I think this is very good. I just don't like this specific Apple revolution model ;) but if you like it, that's no problem for me, I even do believe that there are some people out there who actually love it for what it is. But you can't deny that there are also lots of people who just have it so they can SAY they have it, and there are also lots of people who like everything that Apple produces ;)

"and the only reason to dislike it is a person's own unreasonable dislike of the company behind it."

BTW, who says that it always has to be unreasonable? I have my reasons, actually. Maybe not everyone might agree with them, but that shouldn't matter, should it?

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RE[5]: iPhone
by Adam S on Thu 24th Apr 2008 14:12 in reply to "RE[4]: iPhone"
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I'm sure that's true. But you can't assume that everyone who owns an iPhone is doing it for vanity.

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RE[6]: iPhone
by Glynser on Thu 24th Apr 2008 14:20 in reply to "RE[5]: iPhone"
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No, of course I'm not doing that. Sorry if my posting sounded like this ;) and I also didn't intend to bring up a big discussion about the iPhone itself, I just said that I at least respect it in that way that other companies now have a new "reference" which they can try to compete with. This can result in better products for everybody (as long as there aren't too much patents involved).

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