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Windows Right now, the net is abuzz about remarks Steve Ballmer made at a Belgium news conference today. The buzz comes from a Reuters story which quotes Ballmer as saying that Windows XP's life cycle might be extended if customers demand it. Contrary to what all those reports online might indicate, there really is no change in policy here.
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Good timing, Steve
by bannor99 on Fri 25th Apr 2008 00:38 UTC
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So, Microsoft CEO ( although he'd make a fine "Chair"man )
is now saying that Windows XP could be extended?
Who didn't see this coming?
Anyway, I'd rather have a look at the latest Linux releases ( Ubuntu Hardy Heron or Fedora 9 ) than hear
about more Microsoft BS from SB.
Good thing you've got money Stevie cause you're lacking
vision, class and hair.
I'm betting that he's looking for a way to charge a bit more for XP so he can eat his cake and have it.

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RE: Good timing, Steve
by StephenBeDoper on Fri 25th Apr 2008 01:28 in reply to "Good timing, Steve"
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Microsoft BS from SB

MS BS from SB? I like it - got a nice ring to it.

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