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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu The Hardy Heron has taken flight: it's the second LTS (Long Term Support) release of the world's most popular distro. New features include the Wubi Windows installer and Firefox 3 beta 5. Grab a copy here, and check out Linux Format's overview of the release.
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RE[5]: Another Ubuntu
by lemur2 on Sun 27th Apr 2008 04:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Another Ubuntu"
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"One thing is that I can download Kubuntu or Xubuntu and get a fully functional fast or faster desktop without any mono dependencies or libraries installed by default.

Ubuntu still bundles Mono and it's likely that you will see it installed at some point on your system. Indeed, Mark Shuttleworth has come out and said they see no problem with it.

Still, "Mono doesn't get installed on your system!" isn't a reason to start using Ubuntu.

I didn't say Ubuntu ... I said Kubuntu or Xubuntu. No Mono there, nor any programs that use Mono. The ones to watch out for are FSpot, Muine, Tomboy notes & Beagle serach. None of thos are distributed with Kubuntu or Xubuntu.

Or alternatively you could go with Mandriva or Fedora if you don't like Ubuntu's "no problem with mono" stance.

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RE[6]: Another Ubuntu
by sontek on Sun 27th Apr 2008 06:59 in reply to "RE[5]: Another Ubuntu"
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They only reason they are not shipped with those applications is because they are GNOME applications not because they run on mono.

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