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Windows As you surely know by now, the latest hype on the web is stories, news, or supposedly new quotes regarding the potential availability of Windows XP after June 30th, when Microsoft will cease selling the seven year old operating system. The latest development? Big PC companies like Dell and HP have found a backdoor to keep on selling XP after 30 June. And no, it doesn't involve Windows 2003.
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RE[3]: So?
by zlynx on Sun 27th Apr 2008 05:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So?"
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Here's the real reason MS won't let anyone sell "bare" machines. Businesses with MS site/volume licenses would be glad to buy a no-OS Dell $50 cheaper, and they'd still be completely legal.

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RE[4]: So?
by Lennie on Sun 27th Apr 2008 08:19 in reply to "RE[3]: So?"
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if you are a big business that has a site license and you buy a large number of PC's (with I presume a OEM-windows-license ?) why don't you send that OEM-license to Microsoft, they would have to give you 50 or 70 bucks per PC. Right ?

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RE[5]: So?
by miles on Sun 27th Apr 2008 10:11 in reply to "RE[4]: So?"
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Microdoft doesn't allow this. You have to get the refund from the OEM, which can be tedious and long, and more often than not a business isn't going to go through the hassle.

For mass deployment, however, it's usually easy to by the computer bare from most OEM.

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RE[5]: So?
by Phloptical on Sun 27th Apr 2008 16:32 in reply to "RE[4]: So?"
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Good question. And maybe we should look into it. Here's the problem, though, if I think too much about Microsoft's licensing, it makes my head want to that's why I try not to overthink the process. And I'm sure that's why they do it.

I don't know exactly the definition for "Site License". I assume it means we can pay so much up front and then install however many copies we like. I doubt we've got that unless an Open Volume License is the same thing. Don't know how much it cost, it was purchased before I joined the group. I'm assuming it's not the full $140.00 sticker price of a boxed version of XP Pro. The OEM XP sticker on every box and laptop allows us to copy whatever VL version Windows we want to it, from how it's been explained to me.

I still find it funny that a company can't build a system without installing an MS OS. Incredible. So what happens if you start a business that does just that? The feds come in and drag you to jail in Steve Ballmers basement?

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