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Legal Last week, The Washington Post reported that hundreds of thousands of IIS webservers were hacked. Code was placed on them that installed malware on visitors' computers. Among the infectees were websites from the UK government and the United Nations. Initial reports said the attackers used a security vulnerability in Microsoft's IIS, but the company published more information on the attacks today, and denies IIS was compromised.
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great news
by satan666 on Mon 28th Apr 2008 21:57 UTC
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I love these Chinese.
I have a suggestion for them:
Make a virus that will completely destroy the infected Windows server after infecting other servers, of course.
Imagine how many will sue Microsoft over data and hardware loss!
It would be awesome!

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RE: great news
by jayson.knight on Mon 28th Apr 2008 22:24 in reply to "great news"
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I love these Chinese.
Imagine how many will sue Microsoft over data and hardware loss!
It would be awesome!

Microsoft has clauses in their EULA's that explicitly prohibit anyone suing them for data loss. Actually, almost ALL software/hardware vendors have these clauses, so don't go thinking they are unique to MS. And don't think you're protected if you live in Europe or whatnot. Imagine all the bogus claims that would be made if those clauses didn't exist.

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RE[2]: great news
by melkor on Tue 29th Apr 2008 04:15 in reply to "RE: great news"
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And this is what I have a real problem with - why should they be protected? If they have produced a flawed product, that results in a loss to me, or my business, they *should* be responsible. Period. Imagine if you bought a new Ford, and due to manufacturing issues the steering wheel collapsed and crashed as a result - you *can* sue Ford for damages etc.

Why should software companies not have the same laws applied to them that every other consumer manufacturer has to agree to?


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RE: great news
by umccullough on Mon 28th Apr 2008 23:05 in reply to "great news"
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I love these Chinese.

Why would you assume the people behind these attacks are actually Chinese? Just because the websites that host the vulnerabilities are in China doesn't mean the people who put those there are as well.

We're talking about crackers here - they're not likely to just throw up their malicious code on any old domain they happen to own.

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