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Graphics, User Interfaces The trash can metaphor in computing is as old as the desktop metaphor itself. It was first introduced with the Apple Lisa user interface, and found its way to the Macintosh. Apple patented the whole idea, and sued anyone who tried to use the same name, resulting in other user interfaces implementing the exact same principle but just named differently. Despite its old age, and the fact it barely changed over the decades, many people have issues with the traditional concept.
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You're not alone. I too have to empty the trash as soon as there is something in it. And so, I always use shift delete. Like the author says though, thats not entirely safe. Ive been lucky though. It's got me in trouble exactly once, where I lost a file that I wasn't able to replace until three years later.

Speaking of OCD, I'm not but the tendencies are there. When I drink from a drinking fountain, the number of sips has to be a power of two. 8 is good, 16 if I'm really thirsty but I have to stop there because 32 would just be too much. I could take 7 sips if I wanted to though, really!

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