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Privacy, Security, Encryption Security consultant Howard Fosdick has contributed the latest entry in the 2008 OSNews Article Contest: a highly detailed examination of security and privacy on the Windows platform, and how to use free software tools and a little knowledge to protect your privacy online.
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But when your are able to following that from a technical point of view and don't absolutely need some application running natively under some Windows, well, why not installing Linux or .. GOSH ..even some *BSD?
To make my point more clear, what we have here is again one of the countless proposals to overcome the inherent deficiencies of common commercial software. Which is about layering layer after layer on top of another until it is getting so complex that its internals are not understandable anymore as a whole.
Other aspects of that are the here mentioned agendas of Adobe with Flash and Microsoft with its Silverlight. Apart from the managabiltity of that stack of layers upon layers, ever thougth about the systems one needs to comfortably running that?
You can see that from an ecological, or practical point of view. Ecological insofar as that more complex software wastes more wattage, practical insofar as that this model is impractical for the coming ultramobile devices and ambient network infrastructure.
So we have a whole other side of software and operating system development, which is free and does care about such matters, which is actually REFACTORING the best pieces of proven to be successful code into something which is getting better and better all the time, and is MORE managable.

Why not use it when you care about that at all?

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I have no idea why your comment was voted down, it made perfect sense to me and was not inflammatory or derogative in anyway.

I voted you back up because I fully agree with what you wrote!

I guess the astroturfers are in full flight tonight ;)

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Perhaps you need to run Windows to run some apps that you use, perhaps you prefer it, perhaps you want to play games.

Don't presume your choices are good for everybody.

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..and don't absolutely need some application running natively under some Windows..

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"well, why not installing Linux or .. GOSH ..even some *BSD?

Is GOSH some kind of new operating system? ;)

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