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Apple The soap surrounding PsyStar, the company that offers a Mac clone for sale, just keeps on running. After the initial launch, the company was plagued by doubt and mystery surrounding its actual existence, but soon after videos started popping up of the OpenComputer out in the wild, beyond the company itself. Thanks to CNet, the company may now have fully redeemed itself.
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Not for end-users
by Glynser on Thu 1st May 2008 10:27 UTC
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Maybe this computer is not intended to be bought by "end-users", or let's say by the ones who'd like to have the "Apple experience".

Maybe it's more for the freaks and geeks, perhaps those who want to test their own software on a Mac (without having to pay the usual price), or maybe for those who want to use "Maccy" software like Adobe CS3 and so on, and don't give a damn about the standard iStuff like iVideo.

(and who knows, there might be some pirated iStuff-versions available soon ;)

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RE: Not for end-users
by lurch_mojoff on Thu 1st May 2008 10:45 in reply to "Not for end-users"
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Well, if "freaks and geeks" are intended market for these, I'd have to call Psystar's business model a complete and utter failure. Geeks are much more likely to install OSX86 themselves on hardware they've built (with a good chance of it being faster and cheaper than this "Open Computer"). Unless, Psystar can come up with an actual "Mac, but cheaper and more extensible" they are in for a hasty death, even without Apple coming down on them with a thousand lawyers, because their business is simply not sustainable.

(BTW, pirated "iStuff" versions are already available all over the place, but if you are going to pirate the "iStuff", why don't you just pirate the whole damn thing and save yourself $150 (at least)?)

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