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RE: Use a Ramdisk
by broch on Thu 1st May 2008 13:58 UTC in reply to "Use a Ramdisk"
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wrong tip,
RAM (in spite of general belief) can retain information for minutes/several days. With physical access to your machine it is possible to retrieve information from RAM.

Linux (UNIX in general) does exactly the same thing:
dd if=/dev/mem bs=1m count=[mem size] | strings | grep [whatever]

dump it

rather encrypt whole disk with AES-loop

When I was using windows boot/system partition was read-only (with registry fixes for some Adobe and MS programs) for users (cache/temp moved to another partition)
always used Run As (never logged as root), never used IE. Updates. firewall (OpenBSD/PF, and windows firewall)
for several years systems were clean (viruses/malware) with long uptimes

I am not saying that this is best way of protection, but worked for me.

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