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Privacy, Security, Encryption Security consultant Howard Fosdick has contributed the latest entry in the 2008 OSNews Article Contest: a highly detailed examination of security and privacy on the Windows platform, and how to use free software tools and a little knowledge to protect your privacy online.
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RE[7]: interesting-ish
by Sophotect on Thu 1st May 2008 14:44 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: interesting-ish"
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Yah ;-) For exact these reasons i'm not in the ICT-Field anymore. Because in most cases it's a waste of time and energy, a moving target, sysiphus work. So, when i do this in private, in my spare time, as a favor, i feel perfectly legitimated to act like this.
And i don't do this out of the blue. I say in advance that they can't do this and that but they don't have to do this and that anymore and show them how it could look. Or my Wife shows them, or her Mother which has some Taxstuff running under Wine, or her Brother which is an Electrician and has some of his needed Businessapplications running under Wine. All have differnet desktops, toolkits, layouts, programs and whatnot else. And guess what? Most people are happy. Because it works, and they don't need to buy expensive new machines. Really, i couldn't care less for some Multibillion$-Company showing interest :-)

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