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Privacy, Security, Encryption Security consultant Howard Fosdick has contributed the latest entry in the 2008 OSNews Article Contest: a highly detailed examination of security and privacy on the Windows platform, and how to use free software tools and a little knowledge to protect your privacy online.
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RE[2]: interesting-ish
by stabbyjones on Fri 2nd May 2008 00:17 UTC in reply to "RE: interesting-ish"
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i'm not saying it's perfect but it's a step towards stopping people with no idea destroying their pc.

i don't run windows myself anymore (debian) but convincing other people to make the switch when they're used to their ways is hard.

most people with a low pc skill use webmail not outlook and while it's sitting there it's useless and a possible threat.

if you force people to use opera or firefox (which is my point in blocking IE) you can can block scripts and ads and even though there are still vulnerabilities there is less chance of someone with a low skill level destroying the system after you've set it up.

if anything needs IE you can always allow connections from IE temporarily. it's blocked by a firewall and not removed from the system. so functionality isn't reduced

this doesn't change anything in the system itself and is more of a simple lockdown. i much prefer getting a call saying an application isn't working rather than the whole system is shagged.

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