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OSNews, Generic OSes There are quite a few operating systems which have moved beyond the simple hobby operating system stage, onto a more lasting plane of existence. AROS, ReactOS, SkyOS, Syllable, Haiku; they're no longer basement products, coded by a single programer - they are now projects in which a lot of people have invested time, and possibly money too. They won't go away any time soon. The last few days have seen news on three of these systems: ReactOS, SkyOS, and Syllable.
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Then I'd be interested in your experience, because that's exactly what I am currently working at: tools to make life easier for programmers. Especially, I'd be interested to hear whether such tools are (by your experience) meaningless, "not enough", or even counter-productive to high-quality software, and why.

I'd imagine it's a double-edged sword: those programmers who have the talents and will to do high-quality job will do that no matter the tools, better tools will just let them achieve the same result faster. And the programmers who don't care to do such a good job, rather wishing to take as many shortcuts as possible, will be tempted to use even more shortcuts made available to them by such software.

I just have to throw in my opinion: I don't consider such software meaningless. IMHO it's up to the programmer to do the job anyway, not the software, so if the end-result is less than can be reasonably expected then blame the programmer.

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