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Slackware, Slax The latest release of Slackware, 10.2, was just released to the mirrors.
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newsgroup was too hostile for me
by on Thu 15th Sep 2005 02:27 UTC

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I liked slackware, but I did not like getting flamed in the a.o.l.s newsgroup. As Pat strove to keep the distro lean and do-it-yourself, many users confused this with a goal to be unfriendly - and took it to heart. The newsgroup regulars relish making every new user take the abuse that they had to go through, behavior similar to that of child-abusers. It is unfortunate Pat has never directly addressed the behavior in the newsgroups. Anyway, I use FreeBSD now, the OS that Slackware aspires to be.

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most people that have newsgroup/irc/message board problems are either asking questions with easily googlable answers, or asking newb questions in the wrong place. and BSD != Linux.

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Lots of newsgroups and IRC are filled with tools. Try some of the Debian IRC and newsgroups -- you get the same thing.

However, the official Slackware forum at is filled with the nicest, most helpful Slackware veterans I have ever come across. I urge all Slack users to check it out. It's an excellent resource.

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