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Features, Office Microsoft has released the first service pack to Microsoft Office:Mac 2008. The company also said that sales of Office:Mac 2008 have "soared", and that it is "selling faster than any previous version of Office for Mac in the past 19 years". Microsoft also had a surprise announcement about Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) support.
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by sbergman27 on Tue 13th May 2008 21:46 UTC
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The company also said that sales of Office:Mac 2008 have "soared"

Like Vista.

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RE: Soared
by evert on Tue 13th May 2008 22:16 in reply to "Soared"
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It soared like the Apple sells. Because Vista drives customers to Mac OS X, while they still want to work with their old files and files from others, they have to buy some Office for Mac.

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RE: Soared
by bthylafh on Wed 14th May 2008 01:06 in reply to "Soared"
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I think it's selling better for 2 reasons: Office XML formats & being a Universal Binary.

Mainly the former. That's what's been driving its installation at my workplace.

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RE[2]: Soared
by Clinton on Wed 14th May 2008 04:19 in reply to "RE: Soared"
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Do you mean people couldn't open documents sent to them in the new XML formats, or that people are really excited about the new XML formats?

If the latter, I'd have to politely disagree. Most people wouldn't know an XML based format from the old format, nor would they care.

I think the main reason people upgrade is for the same reason people climb Mt. Everest; because it is there.

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