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X11, Window Managers The X Windowing System is the graphical backbone of most UNIX-like operating systems (and OpenVMS) - despite lots and lots of criticism, the system has withstood the test of time. Despite its age, development on X has not slowed down - in fact, it only seems to have picked up. A few weeks ago, we had kernel-based mode setting, and today we have the X server running as user instead of root.
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All right, maybe the bugginess of the driver is just due to the incompentency of intel programmers, and has nothing to do with xorg server.

It's easier to take a shot at people if they're nameless, isn't it?

I hardly think incompetent is the correct term in any sense in the cases of keithp, anholt, jbarnes, et al.

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So you are more into name calling huh? No problem. Here's a few based on the responses (or lack of) in freedesktop bugzilla: Hong Liu, Wang Zhenyu, Gordon Jin, Xiang HaiHao.

The bottom line is that the intel driver is full of bugs, and who gotta be responsible for that if not intel programmers?

Those names you mentioned could be uber hackers for all I care.

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