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Mono Project On his blog, Miguel de Icaza announced the first public releases of Moonlight. Moonlight is the open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight, the company's Flash competitor. Moonlight is not yet free of bugs, though.
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RE[2]: Comment by satan666
by evangs on Thu 15th May 2008 18:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by satan666"
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Sure .NET is slower than native code in most cases and sure it uses more resources than native code in most places. But the rapid application development it allows for while simultaneously supporting such diversity has not really been achieved with much else.

So that's why Tracker, a project that started out much later than Beagle with a lot less funding has more features, is more stable, consumes less memory and indexes faster? Given the so called Mono flagship applications of Beagle, F-Spot and Muine, how many people actually prefer them to their natively written counterparts?

People who criticize GTK+ have a point. However, when given the chance users will never ever tolerate an application that runs in a VM (even if there is a JIT). Such applications start up slower, take more memory and frequently run slower than their native counterparts.

It would be better to come up with GTK+ v3 or something and try to bring GTK+ inline with the clean Qt4 API.

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