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Qt There is a group of consistency freaks out there (like myself) who are not very fond of mixing Gtk+ with Qt applications. The reasons for this are not just graphical, but also behavioural; Gtk+ applications behave differently than Qt applications (menus are different, layout is different, etc.). Trolltech obviously can't tackle the behavioural side of this issue, but they can tackle the graphical one. This is exactly where QGtkStyle comes into play.
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Problem is...
by J.R. on Thu 15th May 2008 21:27 UTC
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The problem is...that GTK+ fanboys will still refuse to use QT applications...its not about the look and feel, its about their preference being "the best" and they are in serious denial that there might be other options. I know this guy who really hates KDE...thats not a problem...but as a result he really hates QT because he believes that they are the same thing.

Actually, toolkit fanboys got to be the worst kind of fanboys there is (for either side). In the case of gaming consoles, operating systems, and even desktop environments, most people are actually using the products and know partally what they are talking about (in their own opinion ofcourse), but for toolkits, EVERY SINGLE fanboy I have met (and there seems to be an endless supply of these) have no clue whatsoever...they know nothing about the toolkits advantages and disadvantages. They decide on a toolkit after using gnome or KDE, and stick by that choice regardless of whether they are actually using the TK...I have even heard people say that the cleanlooks QT4 theme is nothing like the GTK+ one and that there is a huge difference. And every time some moron start flaming the "other" toolkit, I have to step in and say that they are wrong, and suddenly I am the bad guy because I am a fanboy for the "other" toolkit.

No wonder there are wars...

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RE: Problem is...
by elsewhere on Fri 16th May 2008 04:49 in reply to "Problem is..."
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The problem is...that GTK+ fanboys will still refuse to use QT applications...

Most GTK "fanboys" won't know the difference once the app renders using a GTK theme. They only know when it looks "different". You can bet that if Skype, Opera, GoogleEarth, VirtualBox etc. render in clearlooks or whatever theme they're using, rather than the plain-jane default Qt theme, they'll proclaim them as Gnome apps.

It's the hardcore purists that will continue to object, no differently than their counterparts that complain about GTK versus Qt. And nothing will every change that.

Just my 2c...

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