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Red Hat The Fedora team has clearly spent a lot of time trying to refine some of the smaller, but perhaps more common user interface elements in some thoughtful ways. Take, for instance, the new setting that allows you to manage power settings from the login screen. It's a small tweak but it makes shutting down simple. There's no need to login when you wake from hibernate - just shut down straight from the login screen. Similar attention to these basics can be found throughout the new release.
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RE: Too fast...
by dado on Sat 17th May 2008 11:35 UTC in reply to "Too fast..."
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Fedora 9 includes the most advanced Linux software even in key components for desktop way too fast. KDE 4.0 + ext4 + Firefox 3 beta -> all ~ BETA.

It is more like future (2008 10 or 11) Linux technology preview than every day stable OS.

And at all rushing to KDE 4.0 can and up in disaster. Because ~30% old Linux users like KDE 3.5 and they do not want any other DE.

I can agree with these notes, but think about this: Linux users always were able to cope with the usual cycle: release early, release often. In fact, they'd even fetch their "beta software" from source, fiddle with it till they get it to build and then use it. It crashed on them, alot, but they didn't mind and went on using it just the same.

Now you get the prebuilt packages in pretty good shape and we still complain. When exactly did the Linux user lost his "edge"? I'm running Fedora 9, ran an PreUpgrade on my F8 and it works. KDE 4.0.3 is a MAJOR (and I mean, MAJOR!) difference from 3.5.8 and cannot be on pair with 3.5.9 series, it can't even compete with 3.0 (which is an evolution step from 2.x). Give it time, it will grow up just like 2.0 did.

Anyway, if Fedora didn't ship all the beta software today, Ubuntu wouldn't have anything to ship tommorow. ;)

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