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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu With Breezy Badger on its way its time for the announcement of what the next +1 release will be called, and the Ubuntu team has decided that the next +1 release (6.04) will be called The Dapper Drake. This release of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years after release, and the Ubuntu developers are going to work as hard and as long as possible on Dapper Drake, as it's what they're going to release in response to MS's release of Windows Vista.
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Dapper DRAKE?
by MYOB on Thu 15th Sep 2005 07:04 UTC
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Do they really want Mandriva to haul them over the coals for trademark infringement? From their Mandrake days, they have active trademarks on gobs of Linux related activities with the word 'drake' in them, and next time they start to run out of money, Canonicals big backer might look like making a nice target...

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RE: Dapper DRAKE?
by raver31 on Thu 15th Sep 2005 07:13 in reply to "Dapper DRAKE?"
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can you honestly see that happening ?
two high profile linux providers sueing each other in plain view of the public ?
I don't think so
something like that would set linux use back 10 years.
Remember, this is linux you are talking about, not proprietary software producers, but two companies who are used to this strange and wonderful concept called - sharing.

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RE[2]: Dapper DRAKE?
by ankitmalik on Thu 15th Sep 2005 08:30 in reply to "Dapper DRAKE?"
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mandriva is not microsoft ! that is all I gotta say

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RE: Dapper DRAKE?
by archiesteel on Fri 16th Sep 2005 04:14 in reply to "Dapper DRAKE?"
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Do they really want Mandriva to haul them over the coals for trademark infringement?

Unlikely. For starters, Mandrake had to change their name for Mandriva precisely because the added "drake" part caused them to be sued by United Features Syndicate (IIRC). They do not own the Mandrake trademark, UFS does.

Furthermore, any trademarks Mandrake may have had was on the word "Mandrake", not "drake". The fact that setup programs are called drakconf, drakboot, rpmdrake, etc. is irrelevant. I'm pretty sure Mandrake didn't trademark the common word "drake" or a diminutive "drak". But even if that was possible (it might be in the case of "drak"), it would have to file additional trademarks for each individual programs. You can't file a trademark for use of a group of letters into another word.

Add to the that the fact that it's not in Ubuntu's practice to use the name of their release (or group of letters fro them) for naming configuration tools, and what you have here is a non-issue.

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