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Fedora Core A week ago, the Fedora Project released Fedora 9 into the world. Fedora 9 comes with GNOME 2.22, KDE 4.0.3, Xfce 4.2.2, PackageKit, Firefox 3.0 beta 5, a 2.6.25-based Linux kernel, and much more. As always, the intertubes have been flooded with reviews, so we figured we would summarise a few of them.
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by on Tue 20th May 2008 10:59 UTC
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Just got a chance to try the USB thumb install and it works fantastically well.

Only if the thumb drives were of better quality... none of the ones I've had (10-12 or so) have lasted long when heavily used.

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by Arawn on Tue 20th May 2008 13:29 in reply to "USB"
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USB thumb drives are nice because of their size, but the best media for this repeated use is a external hard drive. It would be nice that 1.8" HDDs where as cheap and readily available as 2.5" ones.

Better yet, USB-connected micro HDDs (aka MicroDrives).

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RE[2]: USB
by ggeldenhuys on Tue 20th May 2008 22:03 in reply to "RE: USB"
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Better yet, USB-connected micro HDDs (aka MicroDrives).

I'd say, dump the whole USB idea and rather opt for Firewire microdrives. That way, we will have awesome speed! Firewire is a much better protocol than USB for fast data transfer.

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by gpierce on Tue 20th May 2008 13:50 in reply to "USB"
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This is great! It actually works! I just booted off a USB drive! Awesome!

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