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Fedora Core A week ago, the Fedora Project released Fedora 9 into the world. Fedora 9 comes with GNOME 2.22, KDE 4.0.3, Xfce 4.2.2, PackageKit, Firefox 3.0 beta 5, a 2.6.25-based Linux kernel, and much more. As always, the intertubes have been flooded with reviews, so we figured we would summarise a few of them.
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Mark Williamson
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Actually, another thing which made me switch from Fedora to Ubuntu was the introduction of Kubuntu and the hope of distribution that treated KDE as a first class citizen. At the time I made the switch, Fedora didn't have the KDE SIG or a KDE spin. I also had trouble adding MP3 support to earlier versions of Fedora's KDE...

Since then I've been using Kubuntu and I've been rather happy for it. I've been disappointed that Canonical haven't put more resources into it though, many of their new friendly tools seem to target GNOME first or exclusively. I don't intend to criticize the Kubuntu developers since they've made a fine distribution and they contribute to KDE development. They're also very good at getting new versions of KDE packaged up really quickly for Ubuntu so that I can try them out ;-) However, I think they're somewhat under resourced compared to the GNOME side of things. It's Canonical's business where they put their resources, of course. I just prefer using KDE ;-)

Fedora seems to be moving forward in terms of supporting KDE well. With all the other developments also occurring in Fedora land I might be tempted to switch back. Not because Ubuntu / Kubuntu is bad but because I might like to benefit from some more bleeding edge features as long as the KDE experience is at least as good.

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Rahul Member since:

Red Hat has currently atleast two people working on KDE in the Fedora side along with three or four very active volunteers. They along with others have been running the KDE Special Interest Group in Fedora.

There is a KDE spin that gives a experience very close to the upstream project. You can grab the live cd at

A overview of the KDE 4 experience in Fedora 9 is available at

Fedora offers both Windows and Linux tools for creating bootable USB sticks (persistent, non-destructive). This is completely the first time any operating has provided this level of functionality. Lifehacker ran a review on it at

Take a look at other functionality in Fedora 9 too

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