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BeOS & Derivatives Slowly but surely, Haiku is moving towards their very first alpha release. It 'self-hosted' for the first time in February of this year, but it did require a few hacks to work properly. The need for hacks was removed April 1st (what's in a date) by Bruno G. Albuquerque. Recently, some more progress has been made.
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by on Thu 22nd May 2008 16:11 UTC
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Since just about every PC sold out there is dual/quad core, they should fix the horrible SMP problems before even thinking about alpha releases... It's a promising OS, but I've found it to be very unstable.

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It's a promising OS, but I've found it to be very unstable.

Haven't your bug reports been getting reviewed? Clearly the KDL outputs and serial logs must have provided enough information for one of the core developers to start tracking down these issues for you.

FWIW, not many people are complaining about SMP stability issues at this point - so I'm guessing your scenario is not common.

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Coverity should be used to find these bugs.

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Which "horrible SMp problems"? Can you be more specific? I run Haiku on an Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme and I did not really see anything like that.

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I regularly run the latest Haiku revision on an Athlon 64 X2 4200+ with SMP enabled, and I never have any problems. Now 3+ months ago it would be a different story; maybe you're just using an older revision? ;)

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