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Window Managers The Equinox Desktop Environment is a small memory footprint desktop environment built on top of the extended FLTK toolkit ('Fast Light Tool Kit'). EDE features a desktop, a Windows-like panel with 'start' menu, taskbar, and system tray, support for theming, and graphical front-ends for software installation, xscreensaver configuration, and much more. took a look at EDE version 1.2.
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RE: EDE has potential...
by Doc Pain on Sun 25th May 2008 21:31 UTC in reply to "EDE has potential..."
Doc Pain
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Now, I've compiled the latest version and installed it... and I'm stuck in the exact same place: actually getting it to start. Simply "add startede to .xinitrc" as the directions say doesn't work (I've tried adding to both the beginning and the end); Xfce still starts.

Maybe the instruction isn't clear enough. Your ~/.xinitrc may only contain one (!) statement to start the desired window manager. It should be the last line in this file and should look like this:

exec startede

Look out for a prior "exec xfce" or "exec xfwm" statement and comment this line out.

Further explaination (for educational purposes): The file ~/.xinitrc is processed when X is started. It may contain many lines, usually ending with &, to start a program "in the background", or do other settings. Example:

xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc
xterm -title "Terminal" &
xbiff -geometry 50x50+0+716 &
exec wmaker

All the lines are executed, and the X server finally starts the program specified by exec. The server runs as long as this program runs - usually the window manager or the desktop environment. When the program exits, X exits, too.

Doing too many changes to the file leads to X not starting at all.

I think this depends on the kind of the changes. :-) Maybe you should look for a xinitrc script with higher precedence if you feel that your local changes (local to your user) don't take effect.

Hopefully I get it soon, or I'll give up. I'm not finding much help searching Google. It doesn't add itself as an option to xwmconfig, either.

I hope I could help you a bit, at least by giving a starting point.

I think this is EDE's biggest problem... it aims to be an easy, familiar, Windows-like interface... [...]

You can achieve a similar goal by using IceWM with a customized theme, if you like it old fashioned. :-)

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