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Windows So far, Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about Windows 7, carefully trying to prevent another Longhorn PR disaster where the company promised the heavens and more for Longhorn, but in the end ditched Longhorn to make way for Vista. Chris Flores (Windows Client Communications Team) as well as Steven Sinofsky, has broken the silence a little bit to talk about Windows 7. In addition, it is believed Windows 7 will make its first official debut at the D6 All Things Digital conference today, during a keynote held by Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.
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Specifically, what do you hate about Vista? And, I assume you did a clean install of Vista when you started out, of course.

1. Speed. Everything from boot, launching applications, to file operations over my home network. OpenSUSE and Ubuntu (multi-boot system) have absolutely no problem with this.

2. Hardware requirements. They are ridiculous. Yes I know you are probably tired of hearing it, but it is true. Everyone knows it.

3. Cost. Jesus, are people really paying that for a copy of WIndows? There is no reason for it. And don't start with the TCO. That is crap.

4. DRM/Content Protection/Protected Video Path. I just don't like it.

5. Copy Protection. Man I am sick of being treated like a criminal. The "we don't trust you, but we still want you to buy... RENT our operating system" mentality sickens me. I don't know, maybe I have just been spoiled by the fact that I can give away as many copies of almost any Linux/BSD distribution I want or reinstall it as many times as I want and never enter in a serial number, or register it, or activate, or anything.

6. Your mouse has moved, you must reboot to accept these changes" Seriously, if I update my mouse driver, why do I need to reboot the whole OS? Every time I boot into Vista, I have to reboot after applying the updates. The whole update-reboot-rinse-repeat process is annoying.

7. Lack of basic features (window management is really lacking), mindlessly rearanged options and configuration dialogs, changed layouts of the file manager... I could do this for days man.

Oh, I did not have a "fresh" installation. My laptop was molested by the distributor who infected it with malware, adware, trialware and every crapplication you could thing of. Yes, it was an OEM installation where I had to lose 3 hours of my like and 3 DVD's to make my own "restoration disc's" Luckily there is PC Decrapifier.

Here is my laptop:

But hey, if it works for you, that's great. It just does not work for me. Vista is what prompted me to try Linux. I cannot thank Microsoft enough for that.

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