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KDE Tuesday, we reported that the KDE project had released the first beta of KDE 4.1, the release that is supposed to be ready to replace KDE3 on normal users' desktops. The information and marketing speak in the press release sure was promising, so Ars decided to take the KDE 4.1 beta out for a spin.
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RE[3]: try it out again?
by lemur2 on Fri 30th May 2008 05:21 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: try it out again?"
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that's a really interesting article. legalese confuses the hell out of me though.

do you think that they are trying to create a higher dependency on moonlight in GNOME? I'm not using anything with mono dependencies right now but would this be a push to try and reduce the use of GPL toolkits in GNOME?

I think they are trying to create a dependency on Silverlight in order to do "web surfing". That much is clear.

Moonlight is only a subset of Silverlight, and it depends on Microsoft's largess to give you a binary codec for your platform, and Microsoft seem every much to be trying to insist that if they give a binary codec to Novell, and Novell give it to you ... then that is OK, but no fair giving it any further downstream than that.

PS: Ubuntu is "based on Debian". Any number of small distributions are either "based on Debian", or "based on Slackware". A very few are based on Gentoo or on Fedora. PCLinuxOS was based on Mandrake (predecessor to Mandriva). I have never found any distribution "based on SuSe". Hmmmmmm. What was that about "downstream" again?

GNOME (the project) itself would insist that it has no dependency on Mono and Moonlight ... and that much is without doubt true. It is also true to make the note that most of the GNOME desktops you can actually get ship with Mono libraries, Mono programs and I'm sure that Moonlight will be a part of Suse.

Just from the article I'd be rather use QT or GTK+ over mono just for Microsoft being in the licence.

As far as it affecting my use of KDE or GNOME in the short term, I'm going to play around with 4.1 and see how much better it is from last time.

I'm just looking at the writing on the wall. I can see a day coming when Gnome itself will be on the hook with Microsoft dependencies. It is not there yet ... but it sure seems to be on a very slippery slope right now. It also does seem to be on some people's agenda to start it down that slope ...

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