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Windows We have learnt quite a lot about Windows 7 this week, and one of the things was that Windows 7 would not get a new kernel. The call for a new kernel has been made a few times on the internet, but anyone with a bit more insight into Windows' kernel knows that there is absolutely no need to write a new kernel for Windows - the problems with Windows lie in userland, not kernelland. While the authenticity of the Shipping Seven blog is not undisputed, the blogger makes some very excellent points regarding the kernel matter.
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RE[2]: user vs server os
by google_ninja on Fri 30th May 2008 15:58 UTC in reply to "RE: user vs server os"
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actually, the last paragraph of my comment is

What MS should be doing is adding a geek sku to the lineup. 2k8 is incredible, but a) you don't want to pay 3k for an os, and b) you don't need half the things that make it cost so much (app server, domain controller, etc).

Vista is the only windows so far I haven't hated, but 2k8 is the first version where it starts entering my list of favorite operating systems.

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