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Features, Office eWeek's Debra Donston has penned down five ways the end user desktop in enterprises will look different in five years. While some of her ideas and predictions make a low of sense, there are a few things which are slightly debatable. Mostly, the reliance on virtualisation and web applications.
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My *opinion*
by fresch on Fri 30th May 2008 23:24 UTC
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Following is my opinion, with or without reasons as I please ;)

I do not like, do not trust and do not want "Rich Web Applications" and neither should anyone else. I want a physical installer medium, I want my own personal machine, and I want control over my software and hardware (which I paid money for, which in turn I worked hard for). "Not So Rich Web Applications" for trivial stuff, like Google Maps is nice and usefull. (You could do without, but it's helpful)

Windows, Linux, MacOS? I don't care. I am a tinkerer, I like fiddling with Linux and it will always be around, thanks to Open Source. However, I do believe diversity and competition brings innovation, so I would like to see more Linux or even more MacOS desktops. Maybe more Linux than Apple since Apple's just as ruthless and corporate evil as Microsoft just has less marketshare.

Virtualisation is complete crap for desktops. There is not one decent solution. Most often performance is bad, making for sluggish and unresponsive experiences. Then there is hardware support; until there is full, complete, 100% equivalent 3D accelaration in virtual machines I use virtualized desktops for quick testing of linux distros and that's it.

Mobile desktops on mobile devices? I'd rather stick to pencil, paper, ruler, etc. than use tiny keys to type on tiny displays like on cellphones. The iPhone? The iPhone is like a person offering you candy and then beating you up for taking it. Make it open, make it developer friendly! Right from the start! Without catches, fine-print, EULAS, NDAS and similar crap. Let's see what Google will make of Android...

Laptops? Make 'em run at least 10 hours on battery with full system load. Don't make them cheap by using cheap components, make them cheap by excluding windows, the usual crapware, and less bling-bling. I want black, letter sized bricks, good keyboard layouts and 4:3 non-glare displays!

Security? Oh, please... go lock yourself in a closet, I'll throw away the key for you. Security and Web Apps is like lips on a chicken, NOT THERE! Certificates for applications that you can use to verify who/what to trust? Yeah, like with SSL and HTTPS? "Damn, popup. <click>" They can be faked and modified. And who certifies the certificate creators? How about you take those certificates and policies, build nice walls around yourself and see how far you can move your arms, while I race circles around you laughing.

Fortunately, freedom is I can jump off the wagon anytime I want to, and if this corporate control thing and the other stupid/lazy computer users thing get much more out of hand in the future... maybe I will.

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