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Benchmarks The first webpage was served off a NeXTcube at CERN, Switzerland, developed by Tim Berners-Lee. He also wrote the first web browser, confusingly named WorldWideWeb - the world of web browsers has come a long way since then, more or less turning into a platform of their own. This puts increasing pressure on web browsers to be really really good pieces of software, and as such, ZDnet has a 7-page comparison of the world's major web browsers, comparing Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
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A bit off topic
by J-freebsd_98 on Sun 1st Jun 2008 10:42 UTC
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anyone like me who was browsing osnews
with images off (default), the
post dates in the thread(s) can only
be seen with images ON.
more on topic: discovered by loading
osnews in seamonkey (images on default)
for once, rather than opera (images off
default) or links (text browser)

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