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RE[2]: Paid?
by Ben Jao Ming on Mon 2nd Jun 2008 08:34 UTC in reply to "RE: Paid?"
Ben Jao Ming
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Personally, I find it somewhat astounding that a for profit company is soliciting donations at all. If osnews was an NPO, I'd have no problem with it, but they aren't. Where's the money going? Would I be spending time writing articles to fund someone's big screen tv?

What money!? The money from the ads!? Everyone in here uses adblock extensions. They can't possibly earn money. Having nonprofit writers is much better - in that way OSNews can keep on being free and independent.

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RE[3]: Paid?
by netean on Mon 2nd Jun 2008 12:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Paid?"
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I dunno. I have Adblock plus installed but I never ever use it...

somehow I just manage to totally ignore pretty much any ad.. I don't think I've ever knowingly clicked on one!

I have clients who run very small, very niche sites who make a pretty decent amount of money from ad revenue - i.e. several 1000s a month.. these are low volume, very niche sites too... But hey, we're all geeks here, so maybe we just don't click ads as much as other gullible people do?

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