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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Recently we've seen the releases of both Ubuntu 8.04 'Hardy Heron' as well as Fedora 9 'Sulphur', to mostly positive reviews. PCWorld Australia decided to pitch these two popular Linux distributions against one another.
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It may certainly be the case, but I would suspect that newer kernels would have better compatibility. Fedora generally has newer kernels.

Am I missing something?

It's not that there is hardware that is not support directly in Fedora, it's the ease in which it is set up.

For example, for a machine with an NVIDIA card, Ubuntu will prompt you something like, "Your video device requires a binary driver to fully function. The Ubuntu developers cannot modify this driver and cannot properly support it. Click here to download the driver and install it automatically." Fedora will tell you everything is fine with the open source NV driver. If you know you need to install the binary driver for 3d, you to go download it from NVIDIA yourself and follow their install procedure (it may be in a 3rd-party repo, but not the default repos as far as I know). Then, you will likely have to reinstall the driver whenever your kernel is updated.

Fedora 9 is apparently more difficult because the version of they are using is incompatible with the Nvidia drivers.

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Nope - no more difficult for nVidia users.

nVidia had their typical "two week lag" where their drivers come out to support major versions of X Server a couple of weeks or so after a major distribution starts to support it.

They have now released their new drivers.

(For fedora, this has been the case in 8 of their 9 releases - nVIdia support has arrived shortly after the distro has been released.)

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Let's be fair here, Fedora 9 uses an 'unreleased' version of Xorg 1.5. Nvidia can't be blamed for not releasing a driver for something that isn't even out yet. Xorg changed their API for the next released. While this would have been fixed by Xorg themselves if nvidia's driver was open sourced, but then again, Xorg hasn't released their full set of drivers for 1.5 yet anyhow.

Nvidia actually is doing a great job at releasing new drivers supporting new hardware and new versions of Xorg. Look at some of the other graphics card companies. With the major exception of Intel, they pretty much all suck at varying degrees (though it looks as though ATI/AMD is finally getting their act together).

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Does it ask you if you want to use the binary drivers and automatically install them for you if you do? If not, it is still a bigger pain to set up Fedora than it is Ubuntu (at least in this regard).

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