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Windows Microsoft is hard at work trying to battle the public and businesses' perception about Windows Vista. They already published a whitepaper named "Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista", detailing some of what they believe are misunderstandings. Now, they also published a document wit five reasons to deploy Windows Vista - and why you shouldn't wait for Windows 7.
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by Moredhas on Thu 5th Jun 2008 11:56 UTC in reply to "CPM80"
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I think Syllable has potential. That, or Haiku. In a few years, Syllable might mature to the state Linux is in now; then we can look at it as a possible future OS. BeOS fans might go flooding to Haiku once it starts getting stable releases out. If they do, Haiku might completely eclipse Linux in popularity, and blindside Microsoft and Apple. Be Inc. might even come back from wherever it's hiding and make a new version of BeOS, once they see the success of Haiku. Or they'll take the fashionable route, and litigate for a living.

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RE[2]: CPM80
by helf on Thu 5th Jun 2008 16:07 in reply to "RE: CPM80"
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Be Inc is completely defunct. That won't ever happen ;) The only one that could possibly litigate is Access. And I'm pretty sure they wouldn't ever bother since Haiku is not based on BeOS source code and it doesn't have "BeOS" in its name anymore ;)

I could be wrong, though...

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RE[3]: CPM80
by Moredhas on Thu 5th Jun 2008 23:37 in reply to "RE[2]: CPM80"
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The SCO did it with Unix offspring for years, until someone actually stood up to them. I wouldn't put it past some original owner of Be Inc. to revive the company just to sue Haiku for making a clone of their OS.

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