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Google "Google has announced the official release of Desktop Gadgets for Linux and is distributing the source code under the open-source Apache software license. Although there are still bugs and the implementation is not yet entirely complete, it works well enough for day-to-day use."
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by GeneralZod on Fri 6th Jun 2008 17:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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I'd summarise the situation as follows:

1) Google Gadgets get integrated into Plasma. This is a win for *Plasma*, as it now has a much richer array of widgets that it can host, in a nice, integrated fashion (maybe even via KHotNewStuff!), some of which might be "must-haves" for people currently using $OTHER_PLATFORM

2) The open-sourcing of Google Gadgets may or may not be a loss for *Plasmoids* (that is, widgets that are inherently tied to the Plasma framework), in that Google Gadgets might prove more enticing to widget writers (although if this is the case, said widgets will still run under Plasma).

Whether or not this is indeed a "kick in the nuts" for Plasma depends on whether or not the Plasma devs are more interested in Plasmoids or ... well ... in Plasma ;)

I'd also re-iterate what aseigo said about the nature of Plasmoids: we've been conditioned to think of widgets are pretty little displays and meters that sit on the desktop (and the desktop only) and offer only basic and rather superficial interactivity, but the fact is that in Plasma, really core functionality is given by Plasmoids - your menu, your taskbar, your system tray, your panels, your desktop itself - all Plasmoids, that will (eventually) be able to be downloaded and swapped around as you please.

A speculative but wholly plausible scenario: you like most of KDE, but prefer the GNOME splitting of menus into System, Apps etc - that's OK, as there is a Plasmoid that mimics this functionality in KHotNewStuff! You want your desktop to look and - critically - *behave* - like this mockup:

with that neat "last files used with this app from this group" functionality that KDE doesn't support? No problem - there's a little bundle of these Plasmoids - a Plasma Total Conversion, if you will - that mimic all of this functionality, or let you pick and choose the aspects that you want!

When thinking of Plasmoids, we shouldn't necessarily be thinking of stock tickers or weather displays, but of Firefox extensions which actually add very non-trivial functionality like mouse gestures or more configurable tab behaviour for control freaks, etc.

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by Hiev on Fri 6th Jun 2008 17:25 in reply to "RE[3]: ..."
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I repeat, plasma is just for KDE4, Google gadgets are desktop/OS agnostic, so with GG Im tied to KDE to work in a gadget.

GG would be better for someone because is not tied to KDE,GNOME or anyone.

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by smitty on Fri 6th Jun 2008 17:58 in reply to "RE[4]: ..."
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Hiev, you seem to be completely missing the point here.

GG is not bad for plasma. If you tie in more available widgets to the framework with the full desktop integration, how can that be anything but a positive?

Plasma != Plasmoid

What you're focused on is the Plasmoid API, a very small part of the larger Plasma project. Perhaps it's a bit less important, but I think it still has some advantages if you are only concerned about KDE. If you want a cross-platform widget, then it certainly isn't the way to go and it never was.

You should be thinking of it as an alternative Plasmoid API that happens to be cross-platform (while loosing some of the niceness the original API had). How would that have been a negative if the Plasma developers had added it and given developers the choice?

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