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Slackware, Slax The latest release of Slackware, 10.2, was just released to the mirrors.
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operating speed cf debian
by on Thu 15th Sep 2005 18:27 UTC

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hi - for my work development box i used freebsd (4 and 5) very happily for a long time.

then i was persuaded to move to debian 3.1/kernel 2.6. however, it runs slower, there are too many unresponsive "gaps" - redraws take a long time, desktop response takes too long to become active after leaving it idle.

both freebsd 4,5 and debian 3.1 were run on the same hardware (128MB RAM, 10GB disk) and using XFCE desktop with minimal daemons/services.

will slackware be any better?

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RE: operating speed cf debian
by on Thu 15th Sep 2005 18:47 in reply to "operating speed cf debian"
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well I cant really comment on your preformance problems, as far as i know debian does have preempt etc enabled by default in it's 2.6 kernel? you may want to check that, also consider googling for from desktop linux preformance tips. check dma settings x driver etc

will slackware be better? Well it's certainly alittle different than debian, more akin to a linux based bsd unix (tho even that line is getting very hazy these days, e.g. debian with a bsd..funky)

Ermm the most important point you should consider is why on earth did you even move from freebsd if you were happy with it, sure it's great to try new things, but if it's not broken...


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