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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus' small Eee PC was a rather unexpected success for the hardware vendor - an expansion of the Eee brand was only natural. The Eee Pc 901 followed, with a bigger screen and the option of having Windows XP pre-installed. Now, Asus is moving into the desktop PC market with their Eee Box, an Intel Atom-powered mini-desktop PC, showed off at Computex.
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Nor wooden cover...
by dulac on Sat 7th Jun 2008 14:38 UTC
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It's a bambu tiles cover...

Better than wood in the looks, but still related.

BTW: Bambu is a high-tech material, very strong and a very resistant color... always the same... doesn't fade nor gets darker.

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RE: Nor wooden cover...
by AlexandreAM on Sun 8th Jun 2008 18:17 in reply to "Nor wooden cover..."
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I don't know if there's anything I'm missing (I didn't RTFA) but I can hardly understand the concept of Bambu being a "high-tech material" ... I have been growing bambu in my garden for like decades.

Perhaps there's some different "Bambu" in english I couldn't find, because if I recall correctly what I have home would be called Bamboo in english, but, anyways... never heard of "Bambu" outside of a few languages that call Bamboo that way.

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